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Books On the Chartres Cathedral

Praying the Labyrinth

Based on Jill’s experiences of praying the Labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral, this book invites the reader to explore her/his own spiritual experiences both on and off the labyrinth.

Praying the Labyrinth

Praying the Chartres Labyrinth
This book serves as a guide to pilgrimage, Chartres Cathedral and the Chartres labyrinth as well as a journal in which a pilgrim can record experiences and the spiritual significance of these. Each page includes a poem that brings a relevant topic into focus. Above is a related image. Below is a suggestion for exploring one’s inner landscape as well as space to get started.

Praying the Chartres Labyrinth

A Pilgrim’s Journal
A 75 page journal designed for pilgrims to the Chartres Cathedral. Each page has a watermark photo from a special part of the cathedral, a journal sentence starter, and an area designated for written or visual prayers. $25.00, shipping within the U.S. included. Order directly from Jill.


Photos of the Cathedral

Chartres: La Grâce d’une Cathédrale
(Strasbourg: La Nuée Blue, 2013) Sous la direction de Mgr. Michel Pansard.
Illustrating Histoire d’un mythe de fondation by Marie-Francine Jourdan


Articles Relating to the Chartres Cathedral

Mysterious Circles at Chartres (pdf) by Jill K H Geoffrion and Alain Pierre Louët. Caerdroia 44:59. 2015
Consideration of six different graffiti formations that may relate to the stone labyrinth in the nave.

The Petit Labyrinth Graffito of Chartres Cathedral (pdf) by Jill K H Geoffrion and Alain Pierre Louët.
Caerdroia 40: 4-8. 2010. Introduction of a newly discovered labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral.


Other Books on the Labyrinth Published by Jill

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