Resources: Labyrinth in Chartres


Circling the Labyrinth: Text by Jill; Tune by Donna Kasbohm (pdf)
Circling the Labyrinth: Text by Jill; Tune: Amazing Grace (pdf)

Walking the Labyrinth Hymn: Text: Jill K H Geoffrion, Tune: For the Beauty of the Earth (pdf)

Written Resources in English and in French

Books By Jill: Praying the Labyrinth and Praying the Chartres Labyrinth

Web Resources:

Is That A Fact? By Jeff and Kimberly Lowelle Saward If you want to know the truth about the Chartres labyrinth (No, if the west wall was laid down its center would not line up with the center of the labyrinth), this is the place to get correct information. Please read it!

The Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth, FAQs by Jeff Saward Labyrinth historian extraordinaire, provides some answers to some of the most often asked questions about this labyrinth.

Jill’s Articles and Books on Labyrinths

Labyrinth Prayer: An Ancient Yet New Way To Pray (pdf)

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