Visions of Mary: Art, Devotion and Beauty at Chartres Cathedral

Cover Visions of Mary: Art, Devotion, and Beauty of Chartres Cathedral (cover) by Jill Geoffrion

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On top of church-Mary and Jesus at Chartres Cathedral by photographer Jill K H Geoffrion

Author and photographer Jill K. H. Geoffrion gathers the fruit of her many years of work at Our Lady of Chartres in this superbly illustrated edition. At once a treasure of visual devotion to Mary and an invitation to a unique meditative journey, this volume explores the story of Mary through nine centuries of artistic work, theological reflection, and faith.

12th century image of the nativity by Jill Geoffrion, Chartres Cathedral, France

“Excellently written text and superbly illustrated. A remarkable book that helps us to understand Mary…” Malcolm Miller, a distinguished guide at the cathedral and author of Chartres Cathedral

Nighttime Chartres Cathedral, France by Jill K H Geoffrion

“This is an extraordinary text: rich in historical information, theological reflection, and, above all, the author’s passionate love for one of Europe’s most beautiful buildings, the Cathedral of Chartres. It is also an innovative essay in Mariology, drawing readers into the mystery of the best-known woman in human history.” Monsignor Timothy Verdon, Director Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, Florence, Italy, and author of Art and Prayer: The Beauty of Turning to God

East window of the Apse, Mary and Jesus, Chartres Cathedral, France by Jill K H Geoffrion

“This is a book of homage, a luminous compendium to Mary, Our Lady of Chartres. This rich commentary, with a marvelous array of photographs from the windows and sculpture, inspires us to know God more deeply.” John James, Architect, art historian, and author of The Contractors of Chartres and In Search of the Unknown in Medieval Architecture.

Statue of Mary and Jesus in the crypt of Chartres Cathedral, France, Notre Dame Sous Terre by Jill Geoffrion

“Praise should be given to this work, which through the beauty of Mary’s representations at  Chartres leads our hearts to her son and his heavenly Father.” Irène Jourd’heuil, Author, and Curator of Historical Monuments of the Regional Department of Cultural Affairs for Central France

“As I closed the book, I wanted to travel immediately to Chartres and immerse myself in all the representations of Mary so brilliantly described and intimately photographed in this beautiful volume. The story of Mary, so well retold here, will certainly be a source of inspiration, counsel, and comfort for generations to come.” Dominique Lallement, president of the American Friends of Chartres

Pre-restoration Notre Dame de la Pilier, Chartres Cathedral, France by Jill K H Geoffrion

“The text, grounded in solid research, reveals the author’s enthusiasm and deeply felt convictions for the story of Mary told at Chartres. The superb pictures that grace these pages, together with an exhaustive bibliography and glossary, make this a book to be highly recommended.” Helge Bruggrabe, composer of the oratorio commissioned for the Chartres millennial

South Rose behind Anne and Mary at Chartres Cathedral in France by Jill K H Geoffrion

Showing and explaining the most engaging images of Mary created in Chartres Cathedral over the last eight centuries, Jill Geoffrion gently introduces the reader to the depth and breadth of the story of Mary at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres. Included are over seventy-five images of the Virgin of Chartres that have been recently restored as well as works of sculpture, painting and liturgical items. Readers will discover an architectural marvel, a stunning showcase for the most complete twelfth and thirteenth-century collection of stained glass in the world, with many images of Mary as Jesus’s mother, based on biblical stories such as the Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity, Presentation at the Temple, and Flight to Egypt.

Front and Back covers of Visions of Mary: Art, Devotion, and Beauty in Chartres Cathedral, France by Jill K H Geoffrion

Available at bookstores near you. Also at Amazon, Paraclete Press, and Barnes and Noble

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