Jill’s Tips for Pilgrims

Don’t avoid the cathedral and God’s power to change you that resides there. Spend as much time in the cathedral as you can. It can feel like “too much,” but after a break, come back. It takes time for the loveliness, tenderness, and peace seep in.

Find the places and images you love. Keep returning to them.

Remember you are here for a reason. Take that seriously, soon you will be gone. Whether you have come for wisdom, connection, healing, revelation, or something else, your time here is an important part of your life-story. Keep your focus, even when it is scary or hard.

From time to time remind yourself to pray. Looking, wondering, wandering come more naturally than actually connecting with God.

Record what happens while you are in the cathedral. The full significance of what you are experiencing will unfold over time.

Accept every gift that is given with gratitude. They may seem odd, unexpected or even unwanted. They are what you need.

Enjoy! If joy starts spilling over, enjoy that too!