Praying the Chartres Labyrinth: A Pilgrim’s Guidebook

This travel companion includes over 120 meditations and is complemented with poems, images, suggestions, and journaling space. Its compact size will make it ideal for travel. 144 pages. 6″ x 6″

This book serves as a guide to pilgrimage, Chartres Cathedral, and the Chartres labyrinth, as well as a journal in which a pilgrim can record experiences and the spiritual significance of these. Each page includes a poem that brings a relevant topic into focus. Above is a related image. Below is a suggestion about how to explore one’s inner landscape and space to get started.

“I can think of no one to whom the cathedral speaks more directly and more personally…than Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion. …She has learned to speak the language and do the practices necessary for an effective and meaningful pilgrimage to Chartres. She teaches us the language in this book…to our benefit, Jill has agreed to take us with her, showing us the way, step by step. This is a wonderful gift to all who read this book.” Robert Ferré

Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, 1999. ISBN:0-8298-1715-8 Foreword by Robert Ferré
To order from Pilgrim Press: +800-573-3394. Retail Price: $24.00 USA

Table of Contents

How To Use This Book

Section 1: Preparation For Pilgrimage
Chapter 1: Readying Yourself

Section 2: Separation from Home
Chapter 2: Leave Taking

Section 3: Experiencing The Pilgrimage Destination
Chapter 3: Arriving
Chapter 4: The Chartres Cathedral
Chapter 5: Deeper Explorations of the Cathedral
Chapter 6: The Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth
Chapter 7: Pilgrims’ Prayers
Chapter 8: Questions to Ponder

Section 4: Returning Home
Chapter 9: Turning Towards Home
Chapter 10: Telling The Story

Pilgrims’ Paths To and From Chartres

List of Images

Praying in the center of the Chartres labyrinth by photographer Jill Geoffrion

Praying in one of the petals of the central flower. The Chartres Cathedral labyrinth

From the book:

Pilgrims’ Paths To and From Chartres

and no one
is what we imagine at first.

More complicated, less one-dimensional,
we emerge from praying resurrected,
although we didn’t realize we were dead.

Kilometers come and go,
opportunities are seized and missed,
we connect, we separate,
are filled, become empty—over and over.

Quiet and silence invite our presence,
sacred patterns invite our exploration,
metaphors, embodied in us, invite our honesty.

Searching, seeking, we reach out
to the waiting embrace of
Challenge, Hope, and Transformation.

Harmony rises before our bodies,
then resonates within us,
our memory hears it, feels it, sees it, recalls it vividly.

Through the passageway of the heart
we are arriving  home,
only to realize we need to keep moving.

©Jill K H Geoffrion, Please ask permission to copy.

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