Labyrinth Walking at Chartres

Below you can find the handout available in the cathedral when the labyrinth is open. Prepared by Mme. Capucine Soupeaux, Guide at the cathedral with photos by Jill Geoffrion.

Introduction to Walking the Chartres Labyrinth (pdf)

Le labyrinthe dans la cathédrale de Chartres: un introduction (pdf)

German Introduction to walking the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth (pdf)

Italian Introduction to walking the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth (pdf)

Other Handouts

Scripture themes and verses to put in a basket by the labyrinth
Scripture themes and verses to put near the labyrinth. Walkers can choose one to use during their prayer.
Écritures pour mettre prés du labyrinthe (pdf)

Walking the Labyrinth

Une Démarche du Labyrinthe avec les petites suggestions pour votre parcours.

Lighting candles around the outside of the labyrinth by Jill K H Geoffrion

Journaling after a Labyrinth Walk

Take time to reflect and pray after your labyrinth walk. Use these questions as springboards to your exploration.
Download a pdf version of a journal sheet.
Voir les question en français.
Télécharger une page pour la relecture personnelle (une versione pdf)

Group Labyrinth Experience: Crypt Prayer and Labyrinth Walk

Resources on the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth