Suggested practices that may help you prepare for your pilgrimage:

  1. Write in a pilgrimage  journal:
    Start today! Commit to making at least a short entry in a pilgrimage journal every day between now and when you come to Chartres. Write why you are making the pilgrimage. Write about your hopes. Make notes about what you are learning about the cathedral. Write out your prayers. List your dreams for your time in Chartres. Choose what will help you, Just keep writing your way towards being in Chartres.
  2. Use a labyrinth:
    Use a finger labyrinth (wooden, paper–attached, it doesn’t matter) and/or a physical labyrinth (find one near you) as many days as possible to pray for yourself and your journey to Chartres. Write at least one sentence about your labyrinth experience in your journal.
  3. Compose a one sentence reply to the question, “Why am I being drawn to Chartres?” Review it periodically and keep refining or changing it as needed.
  4. Prepare visually. Find a beautiful book with photographs of the cathedral.
    The World of Chartres. Jean Favier. New York, Harry N Abrams, Inc. (1988)
    Chartres. La grâce d’une cathédrale. Strasbourg: La Nuée Bleu. (2013)
  5. Use the exercises, suggestions, and or journaling prompts in Praying the Chartres Labyrinth: A Pilgrim’s Guidebook (Pilgrim: 1999) and/or Praying the Labyrinth: A Journal for Spiritual Exploration (Pilgrim:2006).
Medieval pilgrimage medal (replica)

Pilgrimage medal for Chartres on a stained glass window of a Chartres-style labyrinth


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