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Pilgrim, identifying your own needs, longings and dreams for your time in Chartres before you arrive is an excellent way to prepare. Each cathedral visit offered, which I suggest you consider a mini-pilgrimage, focuses on a particular theme, question, story, or cathedral element that you choose beforehand. You can expect to learn enough about the cathedral to feel well oriented, but not overwhelmed. The goal of every visit is to make a meaningful connection with God using your mind, body, and senses.

We will make time to discover how God is reaching out to you in love, based on your interests, temperament, and willingness to experiment, Jill will encourage you to stay focused, present, and open. Prayer, whether silent contemplation or spontaneous shared conversation with God, is an essential part of every visit. Suggested next steps for spending time in the cathedral (locations, images, exercises, and/or prayers) come near the end. When your visit concludes, your pilgrimage will continue.

Your Guide


Standing in a cathedral doorway

Chartres Cathedral grounds Jill through beauty, community, biblical theology expressed through art, and the prayers left by centuries of pilgrims. Jill spends at least three months in Chartres each year, daily praying, studying, and photographing in the cathedral. Always desiring to connect others with Christ’s profound love, Jill custom designs visits, spiritual direction sessions, presentations, pilgrimages, and retreats for English and French-speaking individuals and groups of all sizes. Jill’s interest in labyrinth prayer finds many outlets while she is living in France, including research on medieval manuscripts with labyrinths, labyrinth installations, and facilitation of labyrinth events in the cathedral and elsewhere. Joy is one of the primary emotions Jill feels and expresses while in Chartres.

If God is calling you to Chartres, there are many, many reasons to say yes!

To Arrange Your Visit: 

Jill is available for personal or group tours as well as key-note presentations and other special animation for organized pilgrimages. Short (two-hour), medium (four-hour) and day-long (six-hour) visits are all possible. These can take place inside or outside the cathedral, or in a classroom (visual presentations). Those staying in Chartres for longer periods can work with Jill over the course of several days.

Learning about the stained glass windows

Learning about the stained glass windows

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