Exploring Chartres Cathedral

Chartres has so much to offer, even more than you can imagine! Whether you come alone or with others, you will want to schedule enough time to be able to savor your experiences. Use the resources in this area to plan your pilgrimage, or to enhance it after you arrive.

Other pages for you to explore:
Visit Chartres with Jill
Preparing for your pilgrimage
Introducing the Cathedral to pilgrims
     Background information: facts
Preparing to enter the cathedral
     Releasing what you no longer need
Jill’s Tips for Pilgrims
     Grounding yourself
     Stay a while
Theme-based visits
     Walking into the Cathedral: Meeting the inside
     Cathedral of birth
     Pilgrim procession the crypt
Leaving Chartres: How to prepare for the transition
Resources on the Chartres Cathedral
Ways to give back

Chartres Cathedral with dusting of snow by photographer Jill K H Geoffrion