Packing List

Pilgrimage is an opportunity to experiment with “traveling light.”Before you start, ask yourself, “What would it be like to not be weighted down by external encumbrances?”

The cathedral is usually cool/cold (except mid-summer). Be prepared with layers if you are planning to spend extended periods of time inside.

Besides your favorite clothes and personal toiletries…

Consider leaving home:

As many electric devices as you can–unplugging is a helpful pilgrim practice!

Consider Bringing:
Journal (& small scissors and double stick tape for adding things to your journal)
Adapters for any electric devices you bring
Comfortable shoes

You’ll need:
Passport (put extra copies in your suitcase(s) in case it is lost or stolen)
Credit, debit, or ATM card
Insurance card
Your driver’s license if you are going to rent a car and an international driver’s license if you don’t speak French
Copies of all official documents (passport, credit card numbers, etc.) in case they get stolen
A list including emergency contact information including phone numbers of family/friends at home

Some people report liking to bring :
Art supplies
Camera & photography supplies (extra camera battery and charger, lenses, extra cards, tripod, download cable)
Gifts or cards used to express appreciation
Photos of important people and places from home

In your carry on you may want:
Prescription medications
A change of clothing in case your luggage doesn’t arrive promptly
Basic toiletries including a toothbrush & toothpaste (within current liquid restrictions)
Snacks (nothing liquid) and anything that will help you be more comfortable on a long flight
Your journal

If at all possible, travel with just one bag (with wheels) which you can manage by yourself. If needed, comfort yourself with the assurance that traditionally pilgrims travel lightly.