Emergencies When in Chartres

In Case You Have An Emergency While Visiting Chartres

Fire Department
Telephone: dial 18

Medical Emergencies (toll free number)
Telephone: dial 15

Telephone: dial 15 (Emergency numbers have just two numbers, 15 is similar to the 911 concept in USA)

Police Station
Telephone: 02 37 24 75 39
57, rue du Docteur Maunouy, Chartres

Appel D’Urgence Européen (If the numbers above don’t work for some reason)

Other Medical Help

For medical concerns that can’t wait after 8 pm weekdays or after 6 pm on the weekends
Telephone: dial 15 There is always one doctor on duty who will help you decide what you need to do. (This is true in every town in France.)

Going to the doctor in France is a bit different than in the United States. You should call ahead in the morning and make an appointment for the afternoon. (Doctors in France generally take care of their hospitalized patients in the morning). There is a set fee for general doctors’ visits. It is around 25 euros. It must be paid in currency to the doctor at the time of the visit. Try to have the correct amount of euros with you, as the doctor may not have change.

When you arrive at the doctor’s in Chartres, it is unlikely that there will be a receptionist or any papers to fill out. You wait in the reception area with the other patients until the doctor comes out and calls your name. Next, you go into his/her office where you answer general questions. Afterward, you head into the examination room. When that is over, you return to the doctor’s office where s/he decides on what prescriptions to order for you and fills out any necessary paperwork. You can ask for a form that you can send to your medical insurance company back home.

I recommend bringing any prescriptions that you take with you. It may be easier for the doctor to look at the bottles and figure out what you are on, rather than trying to figure it out in French!

Your next stop is the pharmacy. You can also ask for a form to for your insurance company.

Louis Pasteur Hospital 02 37 30 30 30
It is in Le Coudray, not far from Chartres: 4, rue Bernard
To Call the hospital from the US: 011 33 2 37 30 30 30

Call 02 37 36 00 00
This is the taxi service that is recommended by the tourist office. They have 26 taxis. This does not mean they will necessarily come quickly. There is a surcharge if you call ahead, but on Saturdays or other busy times, you may be happy to pay it!
Place Pierre Sémard
Fax: 02 37 21 33 65

Car Repairs (Around the clock including emergency repairs)
06 07 43 73 74