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Visions of Mary: Art, Devotion, and Beauty at Chartres Cathedral Brewster, MA: Mount Tabor Press, 2017

Author and photographer Jill K. H. Geoffrion gathers the fruit of her many years of work at Our Lady of Chartres in this superbly illustrated edition. At once a treasure of visual devotion to Mary and an invitation to a unique meditative journey, this volume explores the story of Mary through nine centuries of artistic work, theological reflection, and faith. Look inside the book. Available at bookstores near you. Also at AmazonParaclete Press, and Barnes and Noble.

Visions of Mary Front and Back covers
Cover and back of Visions of Mary

Praying the Chartres Labyrinth: A Pilgrim’s Guide. Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, 2006.

  • This book serves as a guide to pilgrimage, Chartres Cathedral, and the Chartres labyrinth as well as a journal in which a pilgrim can record experiences and their spiritual significance. Each page includes a poem that brings a relevant subject into focus. Above is a related image. Below is a suggestion of how to explore one’s inner landscape as well as space to get started.
Cover of Praying the Chartres Labyrinth: A Pilgrim's Guidebook by author Jill K H Geoffrion
Cover: Praying the Chartres Labyrinth

Praying the Labyrinth: A Journal for Spiritual Exploration. Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, 1999.

  • Based on Jill’s experiences of praying the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral, this book invites the reader to explore
    their own spiritual experiences both on and off the labyrinth.
Praying the Labyrinth Cover by Jill K H Geoffrion, author
Cover of Praying the Labyrinth

A Pilgrim’s Journal: Chartres Cathedral. Wayzata, MN, Faith, Hope, and Love Press, 2008.

  • A 75-page journal designed for pilgrims to Chartres. Each page is graced with a watermark photo from a special part of the cathedral, a journal sentence starter, and an area designated for prayer. $25.00, shipping included.
    Order directly from Jill.
Cover to A Pilgrim's Journal: Chartres Cathedral by author Jill K H Geoffrion


2021. La Sainte Chemise, symbole du Chapitre de la Cathédrale. Alain P. Louët & Jill K. H. Geoffrion. On the Chartres Cathedral Website. (Ressources: Derniers Documents en bas de la page) Nos lecteurs pourront trouver ici ces symboles patiemment recensés et présents dans l’enceinte de notre Cathédrale. Ces informations permettront de mieux comprendre et sentir cette présence si prégnante, et l’omniprésence d’un chapitre auquel ce lieu doit tant et qui fut, à beaucoup d’égards, le grand gardien des traditions chartraines.

2020. “The Lesser-Known Labyrinths of Chartres.” Labyrinth Pathways 14. 4-11.

2017. “Marian Imagery Around the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth.” Labyrinth Pathways 11:17-40 (pdf)The experience of contemporary pilgrims as they walk with an awareness of the Marian imagery surrounding the labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral.

2015. “Mysterious Circles At Chartres.” Jill K H Geoffrion and Alain Pierre Louët. Caerdroia 44:59. (pdf)
A consideration of six different graffiti formations that may relate to the stone labyrinth in the nave.

2010. “The Petit Labyrinth Graffito of Chartres Cathedral.” Jill K H Geoffrion and Alain Pierre Louët. Caerdroia 40: 4-8. (pdf) Introduction of a newly discovered labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral.

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Jill Geoffrion and North Rose Window, Chartres Cathedral
The Author in Chartres Cathedral