Ways To Give Back

I am grateful for the ways in which each of these organizations makes a difference in Chartres.

American Friends of the Chartres Cathedral (501c3).  Chartres, Sanctuaire du Monde.
The mission of American Friends of Chartres is to raise awareness in the United States of Chartres Cathedral and its unique history, sculpture, stained glass, and architecture and their conservation needs. It will raise funds to finance the restoration of the magnificent stained-glass windows, as well as sculptures. It will seek to establish educational exchange programs in the field of historic glass, to strengthen ties between the American and French cultural communities, and to enhance relations between the United States and France. More information that Jill has found useful.

Friends of the Chartres Cathedral (English)  Les Amis de la Cathédrale de Chartres. (Français)
This grand edifice, built more than 800 years ago, is in need of constant upkeep; our association works side by side with the government to do so.

The Cathedrale Parish
La cathédrale de Chartres fait face à de nombreuses dépenses. Elles sont à l’image de ce qui s’y vit chaque jour, au fil de l’année : une extrême variété d’activités et d’évènements.  Célébrations, pèlerinages, concerts, conférences, projections sur grand écran, inspirés par la spiritualité Mariale, permettent à Chartres de rester fidèle à la volonté des bâtisseurs.

The Community of Chemin Neuf
Gifts help the community to carry on their ministries in the cathedral and their ecumenical programming at the Centre Œcuménique et Artistique in Chartres.

L’association BERCHE-PIERRE fédère une dynamique de personnes ayant le souhait de valoriser les carrières de Berchères les Pierres et leur influence en Eure et Loir et bien au-delà,

North Rose Window

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