God’s Math

Gentleness is not equivalent to weakness.
Beauty minus faith equals emptiness.
Activity with devotion creates possibility.
Lack of reflection leads to more of the same.
Peacefulness needs time to ripen.
Balance is not the same as this and that.
Time without space is meaningless.
Life and death carry on a continuous conversation.
Truth and paradox share one voice.
Contrast adds flavor.
The judgment of others implies a judgment of oneself.
Fear signifies alienation’s lies.
Curiosity can be a harbinger of insight.
Patience and waiting can be very different.
Form seeks the complement of content.
Leadership and control belong to the same family.
Looking is not the same as seeing.
Hearing is not the same as listening.
Feeling is not the same as knowing.
Sensing is not the same as understanding.
Being is not the same as living.
Maintenance follows ownership.
Happiness springs from spiritual connectedness.
Growth is as natural as withering.
Wanting points away from the land of contentment.
What cannot be seen lasts longer than what can be.
Patterns are defined by what lies in relief.
Rushing is dangerous; so is sloth.
Desperation is a key that can open locked doors.
Grief can unleash creativity—if first, it doesn’t destroy.
Two roads to knowledge are study and intuition.
Collecting is the first step of letting go.
While pain isolates, it also offers possibilities for community.
Independence is a myth.
Once upon a time, this moment was envisioned.
Observation precedes comprehension.
Prayer is instinctual.
Acceptance of “interruptions” yields unexpected gifts.
Behavior is predictable; attention allows choice.
Memory can be trained; it is worth the effort.
Your life’s work will choose you. Resisting leads to great misery.
Distractions abound; focus elsewhere.
Quiet nurtures creativity.
The opening of the heart is dangerous, inevitable, and well worth a calculated risk.
Choice is not a luxury, it is a precursor to productivity.
Synchronicity’s friendship is not to be spurned.

Close-up of the veil of Mary at Chartres Cathedral by photographer Jill K H Geoffrion

Written by Jill K H Geoffrion, with gratitude to God’s love as experienced while sitting near the Santa Camisa in Chartres Cathedral.