Pilgrim Etiquette

Pilgrim, you are welcome in the Chartres Cathedral.
A few reminders:
Never forget you are a guest. Cultural and religious sensitivity are always appreciated. This is a UNESCO World heritage site, but it’s also a Catholic church in semi-rural France. Keep in mind how you would like a visitor to act when they come to your spiritual home.*
Feel free to join in the worshipping life of the community. You are welcome at the services. To find out times and locations, check the notice boards by each entry. Vespers, which is sung each weeknight evening at 19h00, is an ecumenically-oriented service.
Give something back. First of all, pray for the community and its ministries. If you want to make a financial contribution, there are several worthy organizations that are helping the cathedral.
If you want to help, offer. For instance, cathedral staff who are taking chairs off the labyrinth, or putting them back in place, may appreciate aid. Ask.
 Pilgrim rests on the north porch
*”I’ll Meet You There,” written by Kimberly Saward, is a wonderful resource that addresses the need for sensitivity when visiting labyrinths away from home.
PilgrimEtiquette at Chartres Cathedral by Jill K H Geoffrion
Prepared by Jill K H Geoffrion